About John B. Ward & Co.

Come on, let’s walk the grounds. Let’s talk about what we see as we plan for this season and a lifetime from now. Our mission is preserving the beautiful canopy of the Main Line, one precious tree at a time.

Your trees usher in the years with familiarity, consistency and enduring beauty. Since 1957, we’ve inherited a passion for protecting and maintaining these comforting guardians and the neighborhoods in which they grow.

We are Certified Arborists, working closely with our clients, envisioning and planning future growth. While our field knowledge and experience are second to none, it’s our desire to learn and grow every day, to provide information to guide informed decisions. We are rooted in the belief that cultivating healthy relationships will strengthen the flora we share.

We align with your vision for the property you steward. We walk together.

This is a special property, but there’s nothing that I need to worry about. From the caring of the tree and the nutrients, to the overall health of the property. The aesthetics are important. When they trim it looks good, not butchered. It looks like it should.
– G. Frye, Chestnut Hill

Recent News

September 19, 2016

Tree Canopy Conference

John B. Ward & Co. is proud to sponsor the Tree Canopy Conference Date and Location: Thursday, October 13, 2016 8:30AM - 5:00PM Haverford College, Stokes Hall Auditorium Why is...
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August 22, 2016

The voracious pest emerald ash borer spotted in Philly

Originally published on Philly.com 

The emerald ash borer, a half-inch-long, jewel-green insect that has destroyed more than 100 million ash...
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May 31, 2016

Laurel Hill Cemetery's legendary 'witness tree' is felled

Originally published on Philly.com 

The tree was a living link to more than 160 years of Philadelphia history,...

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